What To Do

What to do?

It has been such a long time since I published any writings here. I kept putting it off thinking that I didn’t have anything to write. Then when I had something to write I didn’t write it. I would say to myself, “It has been so long since I’ve written something I can’t just write and publish out of the blue. I need to write an explanation as to why I haven’t written in such a long time.”

So, I wouldn’t write because I didn’t know how to write that explanation. And who, exactly, is the explanation for? Who gives a care that I haven’t written in so long? Nobody has inquired as to my whereabouts. Nobody has screamed from upon high lamenting my literary absence.

Nobody has indicated that the lack of my ponderings or musical quips have left a void in their lives.

So, why write? 

There was a void in my life. I wasn’t writting. I write because I’m a writer and to not write is to not breath, not nourish and not be who I am. It does not matter whether or not the writing is read. When you are a writer, you must write. Write something meaningful or crappy. It doesn’t matter.  The athlete must train even if they don’t feel like it. They have good training days and bad training days but they must train.

So, this is my training day. I took a few minutes to write. To let my mind and fingers do their exercises. Muscle memory will take over if you just get up and do it. 

2 thoughts on “What To Do

    1. It seems sometimes habits form without knowing it. Like, discovering I’m in the kitchen again looking for a snack after I was just there 15 minutes ago. Would be nice to have good habits form so naturally.


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