Music Post 007: Music Doodle

My music posts started out as songs I learned to play in one week. Those posts have been sporadic at best. While that is still an ongoing project, I wanted to also use my music posts for my original songs. This is one such post.

This past Friday I decided to lay down some tracks in GarageBand on my iPad as a way to nurture my inner artist. I wanted to complete a short improvised session from start to finish in one sitting.

The point to this was to make something creative that was a musical equivalent of a doodled drawing.

You know how you might sit down and draw something on a piece of paper, napkin or whatever is near you? The pen or pencil is already in your hand and you absently let your hand move to see what transpires? I kind of wanted to do that musically.

I would strap on the guitar lay down a drum loop and just start doodling.

Sure it was planned out a little. I’ve done planned doodles in the past, too. I used to take doodle breaks while at work. A quick moment to draw something on a 3×3 yellow sticky note. Then I’d take a pic and post it on Twitter with #DoodleBreak.

My plan with the musical doodle was to come up with something that is brand new from start to finish with drums, rhythm guitar, a baseline and lead. It had to be short and simple so it could be done in less than an hour.

So this finished product is just that.

Perhaps, I will try my hand at doodling a complete song with lyrics. Apparently, John Lennon did something similarly and came up with the song Come Together. I’m no John Lennon, but I’ve been writing songs since I was in the fourth grade, so I’ve had a little practice at it.

I’ve even have some recordings of original songs, which I will post in the future.

Enjoy this one for now.


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