Music Post 003a Pre Revolution

Reality set in early on with learning a song a week. My recording of Green Day’s Revolution Radio was troubled from the beginning. I went into it feeling overwhelmed. It is a pretty basic song with cords I’m familiar with put into a rhythmic pattern that was unfamiliar. I struggled physically and mentally to learn and produce this song. Perhaps it is due to the recording process being added to my learning that has added this element of being uncertain with my abilities to produce a listenable version.

In other words, I was scared. I was scared to fail. Scared to record and re-record the song with every new take being worse than the ones before it. I didn’t practice enough. I wasn’t ready, so I prolonged recording. I know I said I will record and play back warts and all, but some warts are really ugly and when I’m the one wearing the warts I think are too ugly and unexceptable for others to view (or listen to in this case) I won’t show them.

I screwed up on the parts I knew I would screw up on. I would have left it alone if that guitar part sounded anything like it should have, but it didn’t. The guitar part is played during the verse “We will be seen and not be heard”. That part happens twice in the song and the second time the guitar part adds a change up with the lyrics “We are the songs of the disturbed”. I totally fucked that part up. I would have been able to sing along to it.

Those are warts I don’t want to show so I have to go back and re-record those parts. They don’t have to sound perfect or flawless, but I cannot leave them as they are. There was another part where I got sloppy on a riff but I’m willing to let that be heard.

So two songs in and I’m already meeting challenges. Song three will have to wait.

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